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Journey to Motherhood: Preparing for Baby Part 1

One of our biggest fears of having a child is what EVERY parent has warned us about. Just take a guess at what that might be. You guessed it – say goodbye to those 7-8 hours of sweet slumber we get each night! I know that parenting won’t come easy, and that it takes lots of sacrifice, but I’m not sure if I really know what we’re getting ourselves into. When I started doing research and looking into finding the perfect arrangement for newborns, I soon learned about the importance of a bassinet and the importance of sleep training and developing healthy sleep patterns for the baby. I stumbled upon the latest invention from Dr. Harvey Karp, most known for his book Happiest Baby on the Block, and the SNOO.

First of all, the look of the SNOO is simple, chic and just beautifully designed. SNOO was designed in collaboration with MIT-trained engineers and the acclaimed industrial designer Yves Béhar so you know it’s worth every penny! It boosts sleep for babies 0-6 months with soothing rhythms and sounds that they enjoyed in the womb by choosing the best white noise and motion for your baby. When your baby fusses, SNOO ‘hears’ the crying and chooses just the right amount of shushing sound and jiggly motion to help lull the baby back to sleep. If your baby still doesn’t respond to the automated responses by SNOO, you know it’s time for a feeding or diaper change. Aka, thank you Nurse SNOO for making it dummy proof for first time parents-to-be like ourselves! Our SNOO also came with 3 cotton organic wraps that secure to the sleeper to keep babies on the backs. The SNOO’s app also allows parents to modify the experience to select the responses that work the best with their baby.

I can’t imagine how our lives will change in just a few short weeks. If you know me, I’m not that great with handling stress and sleep deprivation. Knowing that the SNOO will help us battle this challenge in our journey in parenthood is so reassuring. We haven’t had a chance to actually try the SNOO with our own child yet (because he’s not here yet) but we believe in the great reviews and affirmations by parents alike. I can’t wait to report back, so stay tuned for part two of this post!

*UPDATE – SNOO is currently celebrating it’s first birthday and offering 35% off for a limited time!*

Bassinet: Happiest Baby’s SNOO
Lamb/Bear Plush: Cuddle and Kind
Lion Plush: Jellycat
Quilt: Cam Cam Copenhagen
Rug: Homesense
Floor Playmat: Bubs & Windy
Alphabet Wall Decor: Treehopper Toys

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