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Upgrading my Mobile Blogging Game with Dell

I’ve had a laptop for over a decade, and I still remember when I first got my hands on one for university. You had the freedom to connect anywhere and do work as you please. Fast forward to today, and boy oh boy does my new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 put all my other laptops to shame. I use my laptop for more than just blogging – there’s photo editing, answering emails, some excel sheeting and of course sometimes it’s at home or on the road. Today, I’m sharing three features that I have enjoyed the most in the last few months so far.

[ Lightweight + Compact ]

One of the noticeable differences between my old laptop and the Dell XPS is the  weight. Holy crap. The XPS 13 is super lightweight and extremely thin. We recently started travelling with it on our weekend trips, and it makes a huge difference especially when you are already carrying other gadgets along with you like a camera lens and gear. 

[ Flexibility ]

Another feature that I find very helpful is the built in 360-degree hinge for four flexible positions – tablet, tent, laptop and stand mode. This makes it so easy and convenient to use around the house from browsing the internet, following a recipe video in the kitchen, and even watching some Netflix in bed.  I can also see it coming in handy to set up when our child gets a bit older and mama might need to set up a video for him to enjoy while doing the chores.  Plus, because it’s a laptop with other flexible positions, you don’t need to purchase another gadget like a tablet! 

[ Touchscreen ]

So I know that this has been around for some time, but it’s actually my first laptop that I’ve had that has touchscreen capability, making it easier to zoom in + out, edit photos, and convenient for when you’re using the XPS 13 2-in-1 in tablet and tent mode. I also have the Dell Active Pen which also helps if you’d like to draw, write or browse without having to lay a finger on the screen. 

All in all, the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 has really helped make life just a little bit easier. I use my laptop at least once a day, and it has been so easy to carry around with me, both around the house and to the local coffee shop to work on more content like this for the blog! 

*This post has been in partnership with Dell, however all opinions are of my own*

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