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Slow Living: My All Natural Beauty Routine + Tips to Making the Leap With Tara Miller

fter months of transitioning, I’ve finally fully switched over to all natural beauty. During the process, I’ve found a few of my favourite items. Skincare and beauty are always a hot topic because it really is personal, that is, it depends on your own skin, and how your skin reacts to different products. I’ve tried several different oils, makeup and skincare products over the last few months, but with the help of Tara Miller from the Health Hut, my skin is finally happy and settled. I’ve eased into green beauty and skincare and cannot believe the difference I have seen in my own skin. I don’t know why I hadn’t switched earlier! In fact, my husband has commented on it several times and we’ve started to share my skin care routine! So, today, I share my full skin care and my beauty routine!

Tara has luckily been a part of the process and my go-to health and natural beauty guru. She’s guided me through the process and she’s sharing some tips and tricks on how to ease your transition into green beauty or at least dabble your toes.


How did you get into all natural skin care and what does your shop offer to people like me?

I have always been interested in clean eating and healthy food, but it was not until I was in school for holistic nutrition and forced to examine all my daily care products for a project that I realized how many chemicals I was still using each day. I wanted to bring this awareness to others while at the same time offer them effective, high quality alternatives. Since I opened the shop 5 years ago, the green beauty industry has explored. There are so many amazing options now from on trend make-up shades to tinted moisturizers with chemical free sun protection to salon quality hair care. There is no longer a compromise involved when making this shift.

What tips do you have on converting to natural beauty and skin care?

Start small. I always recommend beginning with a few simple items you wear every day like deodorant and soap. Then, you can gradually start making the shift to more serious staples like cleansers, serums and shampoo. I also suggest starting with one skin care line and seeing how your skin reacts. Natural products are full of amazing active ingredients and although they can work wonders for our skin, some ingredient aren’t for everyone. Keeping it simple allows you to identify what is working and what isn’t.


Are there certain foods to avoid to help with the natural benefits of all natural skin care goods? How does diet affect our skin?

Great skin begins in the gut, therefore we want to promote healthy digestion! Try to stay away from processed foods, refined sugar, artificial foods and altered fats like trans fats – these can be irritating, cause inflammation and negatively affect our hormone balance. Also, try to avoid foods you may be sensitive to. These foods are different for everyone, but common offenders include dairy, gluten, eggs, soy and corn. If you are experiencing skin issues, I always recommend starting by eliminating the suspected culprits and seeing if your symptoms improve.


Why did you chose Laurel Whole Plant Organics for my skin care routine?

I have been using Laurel Whole Plant Organics myself for a few months and my skin has been glowing! I test out a lot of lines and rare to find one that has the ability to nourish and heal the skin like this one has. Each product is made with organic, biodynamic, raw, unrefined whole plant ingredients. The integrity and purity is what make the products so powerful. Once I find a line this great, I want to share it with everyone!

My current skin care routine with Laurel Whole Plant Organics:

1. Wash with Facial Cleanser: Oily / Combination – Used twice a day, morning and evening. Very light and soothes hypersensitive and problem skin, while improving elasticity and strengthening tissues.
2. Spray Facial Elixir: Oily / Combination – Can be used during the day as well to refresh the skin. Includes ingredients that also are high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and helps heal inflamed/problem skin.
3. 2-3 drops of Balance Facial serum My favourite product thus far. No need for facial lotion. I use this daily and is an ideal moisturizer for oily, combination, or breakout prone skin. Keeps skin nice and moist without looking oily.

Are there any other products or lines for people with different (mature/acne prone/sensitive) skin you’d recommend?

I love Tata Harper for a more mature, aging skin. It is full of active plant ingredients and has a really lovely calming scent. I recommend Toronto local Wildcraft for clean, simple and beautifully packaged products that won’t break the bank – I can’t live without their make-up remover! Also, Graydon and Province Apothecary for sensitive, inflamed skin.

*All products are currently found in store at the Health Hut*


When I started converting to all natural beauty, I saw some reactions in my skin. Why shouldn’t you give up on an all natural skin care product right away and take some time with it?

Our skin takes time to adjust to a new routine. Minor breakouts or imperfections as common, especially when we are detoxifying. Give it about a week to settle in!


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