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Slow Living: Green Skincare with Herbivore Botanicals

atural Skincare has very interesting but an adventurous experience this month. I’ve been super eager to test out different natural skincare brands that are out there! Like everything else in life,Β  no one skincare product may work for everyone so make sure you test your products out and see what works best for you – it’s all part of the experience! This week I had the opportunity to try Herbivore Botanicals.

I’ve been using their Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Soap for some time now and it has been doing wonders so you can see why I was anxious to test out other products! The verdict: my fave so far is the Lip polish– an all natural treatment great for softening your lips, Rose Hibiscus Face Mist– refreshes, hydrates and softens skin, and Lapis Oil– moisturizes your skin while protecting against dryness and heat!

We had a chance to speak with Herbivore Botanicals to find out more about their skincare line and what lies ahead in the near future!
*GIVEAWAY of my fave picks – check out my Instagram post for details here: @thiswildheart*

What does Herbivore Botanicals take pride in?
We take great pride in our commitment to using only the finest and most effective natural ingredients. Our brand is proud to be toxin and cruelty free in providing people with tangible results and truly natural skin care solutions.

The founders of HB are a male and female. Do their skincare regimens also differ?
Actually both Julia and Alex have very sensitive skin and share similar skin care routines. This shared awareness of the harsh effects of chemical treatments led the way to the conception of Herbivore. They strive to create products that are specialized to a diverse range of skin types. They believe we should all follow a similar routine to bring our skin to its best, but with product combinations specific to our own unique skin care needs.

What does skincare regimen look like? What products would you recommend?
Well the products you use in your regime depend entirely on your own skin needs and preferences. I will suggest examples with each of the three basic regime steps.

Cleanse – Pink Clay soap for sensitive and/or dry skin, Blue Clay soap for oily/combo skin, and the Bamboo Charcoal soap for an especially deep and detoxifying cleanse.

Tone – After washing your face is when you spritz an astringent and/or moisturizing toner. We recommend the Rose Hibiscus Face Mist for all skin types. It’s always an instant favorite!

Moisturize – We recommend our facial oils as opposed to lotions to avoid unnecessary and often synthetic fillers and additives. Orchid for generally balanced skin, Lapis for oily/combo skin, and Phoenix for mature or dry skin.

What are your most popular products and why do you think that is?
Our three best sellers are the Rose Hibiscus Face Mist, the Lapis Facial Oil, and the Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar. Each of these three products is highly reparative to damaged skin with immediate and distinctive results.

What’s in the future for HB?
More skin care magic! We hope to expand our line to include a wider variety of products to address even more issue we all have with our skin. Mother Nature has so much to offer to our health and wellness!

*GIVEAWAY of my fave picks- check out my Instagram post for details here: @thiswildheart*

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