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Slow Living: All Natural Skincare with Artifact Skin Co.

ately, skincare has become increasingly important for me. It’s true! I don’t know if your mother ever used to tell you to use eye cream every night before bed or to avoid direct contact with the sun as much as possible, but my biggest regret is not taking that advise seriously at a young age (yes I’ll admit it mom, you were right). I’m nearly approaching 30 and have been noticing a huge change in my own skin over the last few years. I haven’t changed much to my diet, or lifestyle and blame it on just plain old not giving my skin the attention it needs with age. However, it was probably an effect of my own: I admit, there may have been some nights when I came home at wee hours in the evening, turned on some Netflix and passed out without even washing my face (ladies we’ve all been there)! Being of Korean descendant, I see so many girls with f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s, glowing skin and I mean those girls avoid the sun, and treat their skin like it’s gold. Needless to say, I’m investing into my own self-care, and testing out products that carry more natural ingredients as well as building a skincare regime that works for me.

A few weeks ago, I attended the One of A Kind Show in Toronto, and finally meet the husband and wife duo behind the skincare line, Artifact Skin Co. Narae just happens to be Korean too and I think she totally gets that skincare is of great importance not only in our culture but for anyone experiencing sensitivity and issues with their skin. They specialize in facial masques which are handmade in small batches using beauty traditions from all across the globe and target oily all the way to dry skin.

Not only is eye for design reflected in their packaging and branding, but I wish there was such a thing as Smellogram because they are unbelievably fresh in scent. They have a moist clay texture and only need to be applied for 10-15 minutes 1-2 times a week. Each masque is thoughtfully made out of ingredients from a place on the map. My favourite so far is the Tahitian Vanilla Monoรฏ not only because it’s super hydrating especially during this time of year, but it brings me back to a memory of our honeymoon in Bora Bora – that brief breeze of the scent of the local Polynesian women as they greeted and passed by us every morning with flowers in their hair.

We had a chance to chat with Artifact Skin Co and got a glimpse of what skincare really means to them. Remember not all our skins are the same, so make sure you’re putting together a skincare routine that’s best suited for you!

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What inspired you to start your own skincare line?

Elie and I both met at Architecture School in Ottawa, at the same time I was working as a cosmetician. Before we started Artifact, it was very hard to find ‘face masks’ in the market and the choices were very limited. There was always that one mask made for a line, which was great, but they seemed to do all the same thing. We wanted to bring the focus on the masks and make them the main attraction. Since our skin is ever changing, one type of mask isn’t enough to aid our skin desires. This was when Elie and I decided that there was an opportunity to create a line of masks for all skin needs that was healthy, effective and most importantly a fun experience!

For your masques, what was the inspiration behind each of them?

With Artifact, we have created a line of facial masques that are inspired by cultural traditions in skincare that are naturally natural. We’ve explored the world gathering the aromas, memories and beauty traditions from across the globe and deliver them in a delightfully innovative way.

All of our masques draw from a specific ingredient and its story. Itโ€™s fascinating learning about all the unique ways people have taken care of their skin for centuries. From there we start visualizing what the masque will be once it is complete – how will it feel, how will it make someone feel, its texture, colour and scent.

What’s your favourite product thus far?

My all time favourite masque would have to be the Egyptian Honey Rose, because I find that my skin always needs hydration no matter what time of year and I love to pair it up with one of my current favourite clay masque, Tahitian Vanilla Monoi. Since the winter has dried out my skin, I like to gently cleanse my skin with the Tahitian Vanilla Monoi and “double mask” with the Egyptian Honey Rose to finish off. In between my clay masks I like to exfoliate too, with the Bali Papaya Rice masque. This mask if great for those days when your skin doesn’t know what it wants to do, which usually happens in the spring, when your skin has gone through the rough winters. But I would have to say that my favourites are constantly changing with the changing seasons!

What do you see in the future for Artifact Skin Co?

Well, we are very excited for the future of Artifact! In the next year, we hope to expand our distribution so that our products can be found in retail outlets worldwide. We are also dreaming in the distant future of launching our own Artifact concept shop, where customers can not only test out new products that we are developing, but also to fully experience the brand.

Any tips for skincare health?

I think the most important thing about skincare is to not forgot about skincare. A lot of people take pride in keeping their routines as minimal as possible, which is amazing, but skincare should be part of your everyday routine. Your skin is the largest organ you own and if we exercise to keep our body healthy, we should also take care of our skin to keep it healthy. Just a quick daily routine will make a difference in making you look and feel good!

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