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#LADYBOSS: How Working in Retail Fuelled the Fire

We’ve all been there. You work that dreadful retail job that is paying yo bills. Listen, I’m not saying retail is bad, but it’s not for everyone. However, I think everyone should work at least one retail or customer service job in their lives. I’ve learned so much from multitasking to communicating and to working with others (especially those you know you just don’t get along with outside of the store). I left over six years ago and am grateful for all the many experiences and skills I’ve gained through fashion retail. Not only did it help fund for schooling, but it shaped my interests in music, culture and fashion. Most importantly, I’ve learned so much about people and even built some beautiful friendships along the way.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what retail store I worked in but it shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  It’s a major Canadian brand, Aritzia. I don’t know how we survived our half hour breaks, and slaved away during the holidays, but we kicked ass and did it. Over the span of working there for nearly 5 years, I’ve seen many girls come and go (and some boys), but every single person who stayed for some time really had great work ethics and a passion for the industry. Nevertheless, it was a stepping stone for many to get to where they are today. So, I bring you some ladies I’ve had the opportunity to work with and even maintain friendships. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to bond over the past, and to see where they are now. I coined the term, #LADYBOSS from Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS. These ladies are leading the new millennials in cool and innovative ways through their presence in social media, creating creative content and making a name for themselves.

Christina Cheng – Although we didn’t have the opportunity to work together for too long, Christina always had her priorities straight. She’s a freelance journalist, social media guru and fashion stylist for fashion, entertainment, pop culture and lifestyle topics. She’s a contributor to various creative outlets and has just recently joined an ad agency. She’s got a great eye for things and rocks some amazing style!





Alyssa Garrison – The blogger behind Random Acts of Pastel and I’m convinced she has unicorns in her pastel palace! It’s always nice bumping into Alyssa at events and catching up over tea, but her fun twist to her blog shows readers there is no such thing as too much colour (especially in pastel)! She can be seen around town checking out pastel walls, restaurants and stores, so keep an eye out for her!





Hanna Kim – My all time go-to girl for anything: from opinions about my business or technical blog matters, this girl is my go-to gal. Hanna has previously worked as a marketing manager at a tech company but left to pursue a full-time career in learning about web development at Brainstation. Since completing the program, she’s been TA-ing to newly enrolled students, and coordinating much of the program. She’s truly a jack of all trades who also has a great eye for photography!





Lindsay Rhee– Linds and I go way back and she’s got a special place in my life. In fact, her twin brother and my husband are BFFs since they were little kids. She oversees web action for the fashion shoe retail websites Capezio Shoes, DUET Shoes, and Davids Footwear. Although, an E-Commerce Manager by title, she juggles photography, creative content, web sales, product management, social media and customer service on the daily. Years later, she’s in a very happy place doing a lot of things she loves in an industry she’s passionate about and yup – still in retail, baby!





AbbyAinsworth- Aritziagirl. thiswildheart Abby Ainsworth – A girl who can make you laugh so hard, food flies outta your mouth mid-chew (true story) and whom I still call friend. She’s the Executive Producer and Creator behind Butternut Productions, a food media production company with a focus on the culinary arts. Abby’s background stems equally from television production and food media. She’s a talented writer, director, photographer, videographer, video editor, recipe developer, producer and lead creative of all Butternut’s productions. She’s what I call #LADYBOSS at its core!





Petra Collins – She was so young when she started working part-time but I remember her always saying “yes” when asked to do something. Even after we left retail, I bumped into Petra and I remember her describing her love for a new vintage camera she just got a hold of. She’s created much controversy but made a name for herself as a powerful fashion and portrait photographer. From being banned from Instagram to becoming Gucci’s new muse, she’s truly a talented #LADYBOSS who has broke through the glass ceiling and made so many Canadian woman proud through her photographs. You go girl!

These ladies are doing such amazing things, and I’ve been inspired myself to start something as well – stay tuned for more details!

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