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Journey to Motherhood: My Hug Plan

A lot of people have been asking me what my birthing plan is for the arrival of Baby Lee in less than a month! I hadn’t really thought about it too much until just recently. A few weekends ago, Roy and I along with a few of our friends enjoyed some time up in cottage country. We took some time to rest, relax, start our birthing plan and naturally our Hug plan with Huggies®.

I’ve heard from other mamas of the importance of skin-to-skin time with your baby and the benefits of having such time. Skin-to-skin means hugging and holding your infant clothed only in a diaper against your bare chest for hours at a time for both moms and dads, creating a special bond and time with the little one. It’s so vital that healthcare professionals are stressing the importance of hugging more than ever before for the well-being of a baby and their developmental growth. The Hug Plan was developed specifically based on scientific research by medical experts to promote the physiological and psychological benefits of skin-to-skin for a newborn baby.

An amazing thing that Huggies has also created is the No Baby Unhugged initiative to help all moms understand and embrace the power of hugs and to help all babies get the hugs they need, even when moms can’t be there to give them, by funding and facilitating hugging programmes in Canadian hospitals – aka super important for babies that are preemies or need to stay in the hospital for longer periods of time without their parents around! We downloaded our huggies plan off the site and have shared our plan with you guys below! I know some of you are mamas-to-be as well and you can create your own plan by visiting nobabyunhugged.ca to download your own Hug Plan and by showing your support by becoming a No Baby Unhugged mom, you will receive a FREE pack of Huggies® diapers for your newborn so what are you waiting for?!

Prepping my hospital bag, items shown:
Bag: Fawn Design
Swaddle: Aden and Anais
Toy Car: Treehopper Toys
Onesies: L’oved Baby and Halcyon Nights

*This post has been sponsored in partnership with Huggies®


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