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Journey to Motherhood: How to Choose a Stroller for Baby

When I told my parents about what strollers cost these days, they couldn’t believe it! My mother in law even told us that when they first had my husband, they travelled all the way down to Honest Ed’s to get a used stroller for $19.99! Stroller’s have a long way and are meant to last longer and be more compact now a days. Just like researching everything else, we took our time to look online for stroller options and even tested the strollers in a store. My biggest advice out of this experience is for the mama-to-be to try the stroller themselves. It’s you that will be mostly using the stroller and taking it in and out of the house, car, public transit etc so you want to make sure you become comfortable with it.

I had a few ideas of what brands I liked online but when it came down to choosing the right stroller, I walked into the store and seriously tested my options out (I mean, walking around the store with it, taking the car seat off of it and and pretending like I was loading the car with it). Doing this made a huge and I easily found out that I loved the Bugaboo Cameleon³.  I’m 5,3′ and I found that for myself, the Cameleon³ was not only perfect for my size but also easier to manoeuvre around corners and doors. What I loved about the stroller as well it could easily convert from an infant stroller to a toddler one. I also do love the Bugaboo Donkey²  but perhaps that’s something we can look into if and when we have more kids!

The next big thing for us was the colour. It honestly was like choosing a handbag. I loved all of the basics like grays, creams, blacks but also loved their limited edition options. After much deliberation, we ended up choosing the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Kite. It’s a gender neutral balsam green with a unique geometric print on the lining, black faux leather, hand-stitched handlebar, and comes with a three-layered muslin cotton blanket. We loved that it wasn’t the typical black stroller, but also added a bit of fun while being a nice neutral at the same time. We also were able to find a compatible car seat in a similar colour here.

Strollers, amoungst other things, can be a big investment now a days. So don’t forget to do your research and physically test out the stroller you have in mind. Like any purchase, it may be not be what you expected or everything and more!

*This post has been in partnership with Bugaboo Strollers.

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