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Journey to Motherhood: A Wild Shower

Let’s get real…our lives are about to change real quick in the next few weeks. At the end of the day, we made the decision to become parents, and to bring someone into our lives and experience this new journey together so heck, let Baby Lee join us already! A few weekends ago we decided to celebrate this new and special time with our closest friends and family. My sister and best friend, threw the best shower for Baby Lee and we are so grateful for all the love he has been receiving already!

I don’t know about you but when I think of a baby shower, I think it’s either at someone’s home or a condo party room. Well, our place being teeny tiny, and I couldn’t imagine having over 20 people in our space (also think about the clean up)! I also didn’t want to rent out a condo party room yet again. I was looking for a space that was big enough yet a little out of the ordinary without breaking the bank. Cue in Breather. They have dedicated spaces throughout the city that are great for meetings, workshops, photoshoots and small events. Through the website, I found this space here and booked for a few hours on a Saturday. You have options to book per hour or for the day, and there are no membership fees involved. The space was clean and large enough to fit almost 50 people so we had lots of room to separate game, and food stations throughout as well as a seating area that was perfect for our guests to gather around. After the shower, all we did was clean up, and pack up – that’s it! Today, we’re sharing a few photos of how we chose to decorate the space, but really it didn’t need much at all!

P.s. We chose not to share photos of our guests incase they didn’t want it shared, but Baby Lee loves all of his aunties so much!


DIY Animal Cake Toppers here

*Special thanks for Breather for the space – however opinions are all my own.
A very special thanks to XOXO wines all the way from BC, Canada for the endless supplies of Pinot Grigio Chardonnay and Rosé for our guests.

Photography: Hanna Kim


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