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Holiday Traditions: Ornament Exchange

Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Winter definitely doesn’t feel like itself this year, with little to no snow and being unusually warm. I wouldn’t mind some nice white fluff for Christmas but I’m sure that feeling won’t last too long once it’s here.

I wanted to share a post about the traditions my husband and I have started over the last two years. We usually cut down or buy our own tree year after after and decorate the tree together. One year, we decided that it’d be nice to gift each something more sentimental and meaningful. Each year we have an ornament exchange. I loved the idea that on top of holiday shopping that we’d keep an eye out for an ornament we’d want to gift each other. On Christmas day we do the exchange and write the year in which we receive them!

Growing up, we always had an amazing Christmas, but never really any special traditions. Therefore, starting this one with my new small family is something special of the sort and I’m excited to include our children in the future! Do you have any holiday traditions that have stuck with your own families? Would love to hear about them all!

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