DIY: Tassels Galore

ately the tassel and pom pom trend has been popping up everywhere and I’ve been adoring this fun look. I thought of this DIY when I stumbled upon some tassels on handbags. This is a simple and super easy DIY that can be completed in an hour or so, and you can completely remove the tassels if you get sick of the colour or the trend itself. You can virtually add this trend onto anything!

What you’ll need:

– yarn or embroidery thread: just keep in mind that the thicker your yarn, the bulker your tassel will look (I used Bernina yarn from Michaels )
– weave basket (I found mine at Ikea for only $12.99 and it can be used for potted plants or to hold other knick knacks)
– cardboard
– scissors


1. Cut a piece of cardboard. The length of the cardboard will be how long your tassels will be. Wind your thread around the cardboard until you like the volume of the tassel. I wrapped mine about 30 times around the cardboard). Cut the thread when you’re ready at approximately the same length as the cardboard.

2. Cut a piece of thread long enough to be used to tie onto your basket later. Pull the thread through top of your yarn brunch and double knot.

3. Slip your tassel off the cardboard and use your scissors to cut the loop in half. This will create your tassel bottom ends.

4. Next, take the end of your yarn roll you have been using and make a double knot about 1cm down from the top. Then start winding your thread around the top until the tassels top looks good to you. Double knot and cut thread.

5. Make as many tassels as you think you’ll need ย for your basket, bag or etc (I made about 10 for my Ikea basket). Tie each one through the loops that stick out of the basket. If you’d like to make them more permanent, just use a glue gun and glue them directly onto the basket itself.


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