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DIY: Shibori Dish Towels

Over the weekend, I finally got around to experiment with Shibori techniques to create some DIY dish towels.

Shibori is a Japanese technique of tie-dying fabrics by way of binding, stitching, fold, pinning etc resulting in unique patterns and designs.

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make your own dish towels, clothes, and more! You can dye anything! *The packet suggests that you could do this in your washing machine but I chose to try the good old pot and outdoor method.

What you’ll need:
iDye packet (make sure the packet will work for your fabric: cotton or poly )
iDye Fixative
– rubber gloves
– pot to mix in dye *do not reuse for food – I personally purchased one at Value Village for cheap
– anything to make your patterns i.e:
– clothes pins
– rubber bands
– mason jar tops
– sticks
– coasters
– dish towels or whatever you’re looking to dye


Step 1

Bind all your tea towels by folding them into a fan or accordion pattern or into multiple halves and create your own pattern using your materials i.e. rubber bands, clips, clothes pins etc.


Step 2

Wash your fabrics before dying.


Step 3

Mix in the iDye packet as per the directions into hot water in your pot. Place your fabrics into the pot and stir occasionally for 30 minutes as recommended or more. The longer you keep your fabric in the mixture, the deeper the colour.


Step 4

Take your fabrics out of the pot and wash with water to get any excess dye off. Follow instructions on iDye Fixative by washing fabrics with gentle detergent and then rewash with the fixative.


Step 5

Hang to dry and voilΓ  !

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