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DIY with Premier paint: Sprucing Up your Space with an Accent Wall

A few weeks ago, I experienced for the first time, a helicopter ride 1000 feet in the air over a 35,000 sq ft paint swatch to choose a colour for this DIY project with Canadian Tire’s Premier paint. A truly once in a lifetime experience with Colin and Justin, the gurus of home decorating. I took on a small DIY project to add a little bit of colour to our office that was entirely white (actually most of our home is white – shocking I know)!

All in all, the DIY project will take you no longer than 1-2hrs in length (including taping) and much faster than painting an entire room. Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: 

First thing’s first – make sure you move all your furniture and items out of the way because really paint isn’t fun on your beloved side table. After you’ve cleared the space, lay down a sheet of muslin over your floors to protect them from any potential spillage.

Step 2:

Take your painters tape. You’ll want to protect any transferring of your accent paint to other unwanted areas so you’ll want to follow the edges of your walls as closely as possible and make sure the tape is fully adhered to the surface. Tip: Take off any socket plates to have cleaner lines on your wall.

Step 3: 

You’re ready to get that paint on your wall! Always mix up the paint for a nice even colour.  Gently pour out the paint into your tray. Tip: Remember to lay down your liner before pouring out the paint so that you can reuse the tray after this project.

Step 4: 

Take your angular brush and carve out the edges of the walls using a paint brush to ensure that you can cover all of the corners and edges. You want to do this for all your edges and corners, as your roller brush won’t be able to get into some areas like a brush can.

Step 5: 

Load your roller with paint and start rolling up and down your wall in “W” shapes to avoid any streaks from being left behind. Depending on what colours you had previously on your walls or what colour you are applying, you may need a second coat. Luckily for me, Premier Infinity has one-coat coverage, so I didn’t need a second coat and the DIY was complete! Just allow some time for the paint to fully dry and remove the painter’s tape.

This accent wall totally beats painting an entire room and adds a little bit more character in a subtle way!

BEFORE (white):


AFTER (lightest grey):


This post has been in partnership with Canadian Tire.


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