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Design Spotlight: HAY with YOOX.com

side from all the wonderful things that come with spring, my favourite is of course spring cleaning. That whole, throwing stuff out and getting new really appeals to me! Design inspiration really kicks in this time of year, and my love for simplistic and minimalistic lines reflects into our home decor as well. In just a few months my husband and I will be moving into our first home and I’ve been hoarding a pile of goodies for just that. Because our home will be quite small, we need items that will serve both its function and purpose all the while fitting into the look and design of the space.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking all about interior design and design inspiration here at TWH. Today, with YOOX.com, we’re featuring beautiful Dannish designs from HAY. Hay’s design ambition is to encourage Danish design of furniture and accessories with an appeal to make good designs accessible with affordable price tags. Their designs are the epitome of Simplicity is best. YOOX.com has made it easy to find designers like Hay more internationally accessibleย  by providing lifestyle items from fashion, design and art.

My design picks currently are the Kaleido Trays. They function as decoarative trays but think of all the possibilities – for candles, for your keys, jewelry, your child’s room and all sorts of knick knacks. Plus they come in several different colours and add just the right amount of pop to your home, especially if you’re lacking it like mine! Happy Spring cleaning everyone!

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