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Design Spotlight: Ferm Living with YOOX.com

ver the last few weeks, we’ve been talking interior style and design inspiration here at TWH. Today, with YOOX.com, we’re featuring Scandinavian inspired designs from ferm LIVING. ferm LIVING is rooted in Denmark which explains the minimalistic and simplistic beauty in every piece of design ranging from dining wares, to wallpaper to carpets.

My design pick from ferm LIVING is their kitchen and dining ware line. For me, on a day-to-day basis I admit that I use cheap and affordable plates for serving just incase it breaks or scratches. But, I love the idea of intentionally setting a table all the way from its bare bones with beautiful wares. I mean isn’t that sometimes the reason on why we go to specific restaurants (other than for eating of course but plating for photos are key)! My design tip is this: it’s always a good idea to have a nice set of dishes (even if it’s for you and your spouse/significant other/roommate). Trust me – when you pull those babies out to set out the table, your significant other/roommate will know that you’ll be sharing a special and meaningful meal.

I’m still going through what seems to be like an endless Spring Cleaning, but it’s good for the mind and soul to declutter after hoarding all winter don’t you think?

*Check out YOOX.COM for their ferm LIVING kitchen and dining items

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