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Conservatories: A Place to Discover

hat do you do when it’s below freezing outside?! You take a trip to explore the botanical beauty of plant, flower and cactus life of course!

A few of my talented friends and I met for coffee one chilly day and visited Allan Gardens Conservatory in the heart of the city. This cast-iron and glass domed “Palm House” building was built in 1910 and houses a permanent collection of exotic plants and gorgeous seasonal flowers.

The best part of our visit was that it was entirely f r e e! Yes, you heard me, FREE! And, it’s open everyday, all year round. We strolled in on a weekday and the place was pretty much empty, leaving it all to ourselves for a mini photo shoot.

This botanical gem would be a cute Valentine’s Day date spot *hint hint fellas* or a relaxing stroll with your favourite gals with coffee in hand, of course. Next time, I’ll be bringing a book and caffeinated drink to take in the sheer beauty and lush life amidst the bitter cold conditions outdoors!
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Thanks for coming along for the tour, now go find a conservatory or botanical garden near you!
Model (and friend): Courtney M Moore of The Indulgent Purist
Makeup by: Justine Veneracion @JustineVeneracion
*All photos were taken by me, please do not use without permission. Thank you!*

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