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City Guide: Coffee and Flowers, the Perfect Match

Toronto’s first ever coffee and flower shop is finally here! The duo opened their newest location in the trendy Distillery District and have already created a buzz in the neighbourhood. Sarah from Delight Floral Design and Justin from Arvo Coffee are the type of people who will make you feel welcomed in their space as if it was their own home. Check out some questions I had for the pair on their space and plans for the near future!

How did you meet?

Justin and I met through Justin’s wife, Jasmine, who is a wedding planner (All That Jaz Weddings)! Sarah and Jasmine worked together for several weddings and met through the industry. Then one thing led to another! Justin and Ed are partners and opened up their dream cafe. Together with Jasmine, they dreamt of having a flower shop with a coffee shop and that’s where Delight Floral Design came in!

Why does coffee and florals work so well together?

Coffee and flowers are both very trending right now and they are both now absolute necessities in life! These two items brings life to a room and create an atmosphere!

What do you see for your space in the near future?

We are both advocates on building community and we don’t want to be a space that only sells coffee and flowers but rather recreating the space through interactive activities, workshops and catered events/weddings. We want to be versatile and not just be confined to the space we’re in but to build from that. We want to remain cutting edge and give people better coffee and the loveliest flowers. We hope to be the first of many more coffee/flower shops to come!

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