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Catching Z’s with Casper

*UPDATE – PROMO CODE AT THE END OF THIS POST* I really do understand now why every single parent’s number one advice was to make sure we enjoyed our naps and sleep before the baby arrived. Mind you, we’re currently on our way to sleep training Miles so there are nights that are obviously harder on us than some, but hopefully we’re on track for better sleep in the next month or so (will update you guys on our sleep training and how it all turns out)! All I really long for is a really good nap. I mean one of those naps where you don’t even remember passing out and wake up feeling like a new person. If you read my last post, you know that we were living at my in-laws home for roughly a month when Miles arrived late November. They were seriously the best help we could ask for: providing us meals, doing our laundry and even giving us their master bedroom! We couldn’t have asked for more…except a better mattress! This is a true story my friends.

Roy and I have had “The Casper” for some time now, and whenever people ask us how we like our mattress, I’m always thrilled to talk about it. Listen, first thing’s first, when we were in the market for a mattress, I wasn’t going to go into a store and lie down on a million mattresses before I found one that was supposed to be the perfect for the both of us (also, kind of gross)! Second, how often do you really buy a mattress? This was going to be my first and possibly the last time I would making this sort of purchase. Since it’s a very personal one, we wanted to make sure that the mattress would be the right fit for the both of us. Here’s where Casper appears with its 100 night trial included, I was sold. The whole experience was seamless. The box arrived at our doorstep, my husband carried it up the stairs to our bedroom (it has cutouts as handles so that it can be easily carried and the mattress was set up in less than 10 minutes (including clean up)! Let me tell you, I don’t know if that was the first night we sleep together on a good mattress or if we were extremely tired or maybe a combination of both, but it really was something I vividly remember. The Casper has just the right amount of firmness and has helped with helping us stay cool through the evenings (especially my husband).

You can see that by our experience, we knew we had to get a Casper for my in-laws. When the box arrived at their home, they didn’t believe that a mattress would emerge. We immediately set up the mattress for them on the last day we were there (so that they could experience it on their own). They told us that their bed was over 30 years old, one they had purchased when they first arrived to Canada. It had springs, and just wasn’t pretty or even a real mattress anymore. When I asked them how their sleep was a few days later, my mother-in-law said that they couldn’t get up the first morning because it was so comfy!

Casper has recently introduced other mattresses, pillows, sheet setduvets and even bedframes which means it’s literally a one stop shop. We added to our order: pillows, sheet set and duvet cover (highly recommend)! 

Now, as we have little Miles join us, he has skin-to-skin time and little cat naps with us on our Casper. He’s also passed out a few times with daddy and mommy for a nap or two during the day. He’ll also now be able to go visit Grandma and Grandpa and also get the same naps as he does at home in their bed!

*Casper mattress, pillows and sheet set has been gifted to us, but opinions are my own – I’d highly recommend the Casper to anyone in the market for the perfect mattress*


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