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Accessorizing Simplicity Daily.

used to be one of those gals who loved to layer multiple rings, necklaces, and anything else in sight. After getting engaged, I’ve found myself simplifying my daily accessories (I mean a diamond ring is enough, am I right ladies!?). On any given day, I’ll head out the door with my engagement ring (seen here), a minimalistic piece (seen below) and my go-to watch (at the moment, a wedding gift from the soon-to-be in-laws is on repeat and probably forever).

In my mind, if you clutter yourself with layers of jewelry, this chaos will start to reflect into your daily life. That being said, if you’re wanting to trim down your accessories, you may want to invest in some key classic pieces that should last longer.

On a recent visit to the Kinfolk Office in Portland, Oregon, I finally checked out the beautifully handmade pieces by Another Feather. I fell in love instantly! They were the perfect, imperfect pieces I was looking for. Portland-based designer Hannah Ferrara‘s collections are often described as ‘jewelry for the non-jewelry wearer’, and embraces the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi; the beauty in the imperfect and incomplete. She uses recycled metals and every piece is given special attention to detail. What I love most is that even if you do layer her pieces together, they look unified and minimal rather than mismatched and cluttered.

It’s always nice to dress up of course, and sometimes lavish jewels, and key statement pieces can make an outfit but, my every day inspiration comes from what surrounds me, not what I wear. We only have so much control over things in our lives, and I choose to keep those few things simple.

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